Our Mission

We strive to empower DevOps teams by ensuring code quality and security on the Salesforce platform. Through our static code analysis technology, CodeScan equips development teams with the tools to write higher quality code, gain complete visibility into project deployment, and help reduce and maintain technical debt.


IN 2014



OVER 1,000

Why Static Code Analysis

CodeScan was founded in 2014 to address a growing need in the Salesforce development ecosystem: helping maintain quality code in real-time, while enforcing code standardization.

As Salesforce rapidly grows, offering more services, how can DevOps teams retain efficiency and productivity in more complex orgs? Using a static code analysis solution, CodeScan is able to cater to all those needs and more! In March 2021, CodeScan officially joined the AutoRABIT team.


Exclusive for the Salesforce platform and covers 100% of the salesforce languages.

Higher Quality Code

CodeScan enables unique integrations to all leading repositories, IDE’s and deployment tools to enable better code development.

Enforce Standardization

CodeScan features a unique set of profiles and customized quality gates to ensure that developers code according to industry standards and best practices.

Reduce Technical Debt

CodeScan provides the largest set of rules to capture any vulnerability or bug.

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