PolSource: Offering Salesforce Customer Success

PolSource: Offering Salesforce Customer Success

PolSource, a boutique, global Salesforce Systems Integrator, has been challenging and exceeding client expectations, by innovating and delivering success on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. PolSource works with companies across all industries and sizes, in many cases alongside in-house development teams.


PolSource had been using PMD as a static code analysis tool. PMD offers free, easy to install and easy to use tools; however, PMD has limited options, which made only a small impact on PolSource’s code review process. Without the code visibility that they needed – only 40 checks – or project dashboards, there was a lack of transparency into the code progress trends, coverage, vulnerabilities, and quality issues.

“All of our customers require the highest quality of code and deployment for their complex projects. To provide the highest quality, we must educate and enable our developers on how to write code that meets and enforces best standards,” says Chris Grimshaw, PolSource VP Delivery – EMEA. “Without using the right technology, our coding process would not deliver customer satisfaction, continuous learning for developers, and quality standards.


PolSource-CodeScan Case Study

CodeScan’s large ruleset and coverage of more Salesforce languages was a significant factor in the PolSource decision to change static code analysis solutions. With CodeScan, PolSource started to understand the difference between standard and quality code – developers get instant feedback about their own quality of work before it is committed to the version control repository. With CodeScan, PolSource is able to increase productivity and quality with the PolSource customized ruleset for CodeScan that removes false positive issues and focuses on priority items in real time, without creating a bow-wave of technical debt for ‘specialists’ to address (i.e. fixed at source).

“Unlike other applications, CodeScan gives us the ability to scan for APEX, Lightning Web Components, Visualforce, and even Metadata. We also find it to be much faster than other applications, which enables our developers to write their initial code better and faster.”

– Chris Grimshaw, PolSource VP Delivery – EMEA


Today, no PolSource project is delivered with critical, major, or blocker issues. PolSource uses CodeScan across the board, scanning more than 30 projects at one time for over 120 clients, with the option to scale as needed. With 100% of their developers using CodeScan, pushing thousands of lines of code every week, every line of code is scanned through CodeScan’s technology. No critical escalation with code issues have been detected.

PolSource feels confident that their customers’ projects reach the best standards. Many of their customers have also adopted PolSource processes within their internal teams, performing quality checks, faster review processes, and managing technical debt through the CodeScan tool. PolSource aims to provide the best customer success on the Salesforce platform. With CodeScan as a partner, PolSource can offer high quality coding solutions to their clients.

Develop high quality, secure code!

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